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SwiftTest -- IP Storage Test Tools  
Founded: Jan 2008
Status: Private
Source: Telecom Trends, 6/10
3211 Scott Blvd., Suite 204
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 408.716.7117

SwiftTest was founded in January 2008 to develop “powerful and efficient commercial testing tools and solutions that take the burden of IP storage test tool development off of in-house engineers and QA teams.”

In August 2008, SwiftTest raised Series A capital led by angel investors that include a former EMC executive, a founder of NetApp, and other seasoned high-tech executives. The firm recent secured strategic funding from Benhamou Global Ventures and FLOODGATE. SwiftTest has raised just under $5M to date and does not anticipated additional capital requirements. The company has 20 to 25 employees.

Test is becoming a key competitive differentiator for companies delivering innovative products in tight market windows. Vendors have had to cobble together homegrown software and use racks of servers to validate their products before releasing to the market. To test a storage-aware network device, vendors needed a storage device plus tens or even hundreds of servers to generate the client traffic.

SwiftTest is developing commercial IP network testing tools and solutions. The company was formed when Alan Newman, Leonard Sheiba, and Richard Bush realized the need to take the burden of IP storage test tool development off of in-house engineers and QA teams. SwiftTest is focusing initially on the needs of the storage market, targeting storage vendors, storage-aware networking device vendors, storage service providers and large enterprises.

The SwiftTest 3000 is a functional and load testing solution for Networked Attached Storage (NAS). The SwiftTest 3000 enables vendors to validate the performance and functionality of their fileservers and storage network devices, and enterprises to do evaluations before purchasing. The solution replaces racks of servers and homegrown software with a single appliance that is controlled by an intuitive user interface.

The SwiftTest 3000 enables vendors to comprehensively test CIFS v1 & v2 and NFS v2 & v3 implementations on their fileservers, WAN accelerators and other storage-aware network devices, allowing users to simulate real-world network behavior faster and more effectively than ever before. It simulates thousands of users reading and writing files, changing file attributes and administering directories.

The hardware component of the SwiftTest product is an appliance with every port configurable as either client or fileserver, providing flexibility in test configurations. Included with the SwiftTest 3000 is the SwiftTest Controller, which is a graphical application that allows users to configure tests, generate realistic traffic, run tests, and analyze results.

SwiftTest Client simulates large numbers of clients accessing CIFS and NFS storage. SwiftTest Server simulates large installations of CIFS and NFS storage. With the SwiftTest 3000, users can simulate a variety of load types by configuring the SwiftTest ports as client and using the SwiftTest Controller to configure and run tests, and analyze the results.

The target market size is estimated to be roughly $250 to 500 million. The primary competition is internally developed tools. SwiftTest claims to be the only third-party load and performance test tool for storage systems, providing a 20:1 reduction in the numbers of servers required to generate load versus internally developed solution. Additional advantages include complete up-to-date storage protocol suites, and functions include authentication, data management, and fine-grained reporting.

F5 Networks, Avere Systems, and other leading storage vendors have deployed SwiftTest to dramatically reduce the time spent on testing and save significant dollars on hardware, rackspace, power and cooling costs.

Clay Marr, CEO (most recently CEO of Silicon Valley Consulting. Previously worked at Fortune 500 companies (Fairchild, Philips and Adaptec), and at startups (Plus Logic, RadioLAN, and DRC)

Alan Newman, VP of Marketing and Founder (previously held senior marketing leadership roles at Spirent and Cisco, and worked at startups that include Octel and Caw Networks)

Leonard Sheiba, CTO, VP of Engineering and Founder (previously CEO and founder of 3Play Networks, president, CTO, and founder of Thinking Voice, and VP of Engineering and founder of CoreTek)

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