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Axiado -- Trusted Control/Compute Unit (TCU) Security Processor  
Founded: Jan 2017
Status: Private
Source: Semiconductor Times, 1/22
1730 North First St., Fl 5
San Jose, CA 95112

Axiado was founded in 2017 to develop a security processor that “redefines hardware root of trust with hardware-based security technologies, including per-system AI.” Its mission is “to secure the end-to-end digital infrastructure by embedding a new breed of security processors in servers and network infrastructure.” In December 2019, Axiado received a $10 million investment in the form of a convertible note from Orbit Venture Partners (OVP) to complete development of its secure firewall platform.

Axiado recently closed a $25M oversubscribed Series B round, following product development with strategic partners. The round was led by a private investor Dennis Anthony H. Uy and Series A investor Orbit Venture Partners, and supplemented by individual investors, including Dave Welch, Founder of Infinera, and Dick Kramlich, Chairman Emeritus of New Enterprise Associates and General Partner of Green Bay Ventures. Uy was appointed to the Board of Directors and is the founder and CEO of Converge ICT Solutions based in the Philippines. Axiado has raised $48M to date and plans to raise a $60M Series C round. The company has roughly 40 employees with offices in San Jose, Ottawa and Hyderabad.

Axiado’s Trusted Control/Compute Unit (TCU) is a new category of processors dedicated for security, and a novel, silicon-based approach to manage critical boot- and run-time security across the entire connected infrastructure. Its solution with Secure Vault boot system and Secure AI engine solution eliminates breaches at the perimeter of existing cloud infrastructures and networks. Key features within the TPU include:

- Axiado Secure Vault, a HW security accelerator to securely store keys, certificates, biometrics and passwords.
- Secure AI, a HW-enabled AI engine that creates computational trust for estimating trustworthiness of system components.
- A stateful HW firewall that enforces rules to protect against common attacks
- A security control accelerator, which provides 0x-6000x performance gains.

The TCU is built for zero-trust environments and is designed to be the anchor for all trust services. It provides per-system behavioral modeling to identify anomalies. Automation and manageability features secure applications, provide standards-based control and management, provide fast firmware updates and telemetry, and provide attack mitigation, operation efficiency.

Axiado sees a $6B+ market opportunity and increasing as adjacent markets look for similar solutions. The primary target markets are data centers (cloud service providers, OEMs) and 5G base stations (RAN). According to Axiado there are no direct competitors although discrete solutions have been trying to address the market. Axiado offers a purpose-built, AI-driven and HW-based cybersecurity solution that provides Root of Trust in HW, AI assistance per platform, and hierarchical trust services.

The company has partnerships with Cisco, Cloudflare, AMI and Converge ICT. According to Cloudflare, “The cybersecurity industry needs an attestation solution that is server vendor-agnostic and works across the entire cloud infrastructure that is dispersed to multiple locations. Axiado is addressing both of these points.” The first generation TCU will begin sampling in Q3’22 with Gen2 to follow in 2023.

Gopi Sirineni, President & CEO (previously a VP and creator of Wi-Fi SON, a Network AI-based mesh technology at Qualcomm and VP and COO of Ubicom)

Amal Bommireddy, SVP of Engineering (previously SVP of Engineering at V-Silicon,founding engineering at Fungible, VP, Engineering at AppliedMicro and Director, Engineering at Qualcomm)

Raghu Kondapalli, VP Architecture (previously Data Center Group CTO Office at Intel and Sr. Director of Technology at Applied Micro)

Prabha Shastry, VP SW Engineering (previously Senior Director, Wireless at Silicon Labs, VP of Engineering at Redpine Signals and Director Of Engineering at Qualcomm)

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