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Baum -- Power Modeling & Analysis Tools  
Founded: Jan 2016
Status: Private
Source: Semiconductor Times, 7/17
National Nanofab Center S-205 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu

Baum was founded in 2016 to provide EDA software and solutions that enable engineering groups to fully optimize the energy efficiency of their semiconductor designs. The company has 8 employees and is considering plans for its next round of capital.

According to Baum, power modeling and analysis remain the most underdeveloped solutions in SoC design. The semiconductor industry relies on ad hoc tools with little or no automation, abstract power models without a path to implementation, or late-stage tools targeting gate-level or later when change is difficult and costly. All are prohibitively slow and ineffective.

Engineers need a power solution much earlier in the design cycle, when there is more opportunity to optimize power and gain better energy efficiency. Baumís fast, accurate power analysis and modeling solution was designed to be used earlier in the design cycle. The solution achieves both the speed necessary to run a variety of realistic scenarios and a very high level of accuracy. Engineering groups will use it for hardware/software co-design to optimize designs for low-power consumption as well as power and thermal management. It will support dynamic and static power, taking in RTL and netlist descriptions of the design.

Telechips (Seoul, Korea), a supplier of automotive entertainment systems and consumer electronics, is an early Baum partner. Baumís solution was instrumental in identifying and fixing several power issues in Telechipsí new design. Baum will launch its power analysis and modeling solution, initially targeting the automotive, IoT, mobile, networking and server markets, in September.

The total power modeling and analysis market is estimated to be $500M. Competitors include Ansys, Synopsys, Cadence, and Mentor. Baum argues that its solution is orders of magnitude faster, provides higher accuracy, and is easier to use. Baumís products are 95% accurate compared with the gold standard of gate-level power analysis versus other tools, which are typically only 80% accurate and much slower. Baum has released its beta product and customers are using it. Full product release is scheduled for September.

Andy Ladd, Co-founder, President and CEO (previously co-founded SpeedSim (acquired by Quickturn, which was acquired by Cadence), and co-founder of Carbon Design Systems (now part of ARM) where he served as VP of Applications Engineering and VP of Sales in Europe and Asia Pacific)

Youngsoo Shin, Ph.D., Co-founder & CTO (previously a Research Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and a Professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in the School of Electrical Engineering)

Joonhwan(Steve) Yi, Ph.D., Co-founder & Chief Architect (Currently a professor in Kwangwoon University in Seoul, Korea. Previously led an electronic system level (ESL) design group at Samsung)

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